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Denver Juvenile Defense
Has your child been charged with a crime?
In Colorado, juveniles are persons who are less than eighteen years of age. The Colorado criminal justice system realizes that juvenile offenders are different from adult offenders and should be treated as such. The Juvenile Court system has a very different set of procedures and punishments for juvenile offenders. In some situations juveniles may be tried as adults and face adult penalties. In Juvenile cases the charges are called a “Petition in Delinquency” and are filed under the corresponding criminal code if the child were an adult.

In most juvenile matters, once a case is completed and the statutory time has elapsed, a juvenile may file for expungement of the their juvenile record. It is important to note that expungement is not automatic and that the Juvenile must file for expungement if they meet the requirements and the required time has elapsed in their case.

In every situation where a juvenile has been charged with a crime, it is a very serious matter that can follow the young adult for years to come. Certain crimes may affect the juvenile’s ability to pursue certain types of employment, military careers and educational opportunities. In every case, it is essential that your child receive the best legal representation in their case.

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